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Timson Book Press's

Timsons Book Presses are simply the best and most efficient way to print short and medium length book runs.

With industry leading folding technology & the latest in electronic controls all still supported and upgradable by Amerikal Products Corp.
Timson presses are still and will continue to be the Best Book Printing Solution

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Timson T32

The Original Book Press

Timsons first press designed specifically for high volume book and bible production. As the name suggests earlier T32’s were 32 page presses however subsequent models offer 48, & 64 pages as well as 2 colors.

Timson T48

48 or 64 page Workhorse

May not get the recognition of the ZMR but it is the foundation. Quite simply the lower unit of a ZMR is a T48 unit. Offering 3 minute make-readies and ZMR upgradability it is the perfect starter press.

Timson ZMR

Non-Stop Production

The Timson Zero Make-Ready press is the flagship of Timsons line of book presses, & as such is a very sought after commodity.